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Announcing – North Pole Photo Booth for Windows Phone Mango

Merry Christmas!

To enhance your holiday, I present the North Pole Photo Booth! Using the live camera feed from your Windows Phone, take a picture of your friends and family and watch as Santa’s hat appears. You can change hats or add more accesories to complete your holiday look. Already have a picture that you want to make Christmas card worthy? Just choose one from your media library and watch the magic happen.

How does it work?

The North Pole Photo Booth uses advanced facial recognition technology provided by to detect your face and determine where to put the Santa hat. You can move the default hat, zoom it, and rotate it. Want to add more props? Click on the “add clothes” button to choose from a number of Christmas hats and related props. Drop those on your picture and arrange them as you like. When you’re all done, click Save and the image is saved to your media library where you can upload it to Twitter or Facebook and text it to your friends.


  • Take a new picture or load an existing one
  • Automatic face detection
  • Choose among 8 different hats and 10 different props
  • Add as many props to your picture as you’d like
  • Zoom and rotate props
  • Delete props
  • Supports portrait and landscape mode
  • Reset everything to their original positions to start over
  • Add snow to your picture
  • Offline mode (no face detection)
  • On-screen help

Where to Get It

North Pole Photo Booth is available free from the Windows Phone Marketplace. Merry Christmas!



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